Monday, April 11, 2005

Sharp 902SH

I really do love this phone. Its screen is just great, it looks way better than any other mobile I have ever seen. The camera, at 2MP, means that you can get some really good quality photos. In fact my aging Sony camera, at 2MP, has just been rendered useless.

I also like the way the box has not 1 but 2 Macromedia logos on it: (taken with the 902)902_box

It has loads of other great features, including bar code scanner. So I can scan those Japanese square barcodes (QR Codes I think they are called) on a website and get the link on my phone. I can also create my own QR codes, heres a link to this site :)

The only annoying side to it is the bluetooth receiving process. If you use bluetooth a lot this really does get annoying:

calling not available during operation, OK? (yes)

Enter Handset Code: **** (ok)

received (ok)

save to pictures (yes)

saved to pictures (ok)

connection terminated (ok)

Regardless it is a great phone, and having Flash Lite available as screensaver, wallpaper and browser is really cool.

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