Friday, November 11, 2005

Mobile Monday starts in London

Last monday I was privillaged enough to attend the very first Mobile Monday in London. This will hopefully be a monthly affair as per tradition in other cities. It was a really good event and all three speakers offered up a really good insight into their particular areas of work. It was really good to hear and talk to developers, operators etc who have been entrenched in the mobile world for a while. Its pretty clear that there are some massive hurdles which the mobile community has to deal with to create the promised future and if technology and standards dont upset the path then regulation can always chip in too! I am suprised this has taken so long to happen, London seems like one of the biggest Mobile hubs around - long live Mobile Monday :)



Blogger alistair said...

Nick,where is that held? I would be very interested in going to that

9:51 AM  
Blogger Nick Gerig said...

You have to sign up to the Yahoo User group and you'll see info there as to where each event is

6:31 PM  

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