Friday, June 09, 2006

My N80

I have been using my N80 for just over a month now and thought I'd post a few thoughts on what I like, and also a few angles on Flash Lite. The first thing that I am still getting over, is how good the screen is, there can only be room for QVGA and better screens in the future. It really makes applications so much more attractive, from native phone apps, websites, to Flash Lite content - everything looks so much better. From a content production point of view there are things you can do in Flash that take advantge of the high res that would not look so good in lower resolutions. For example, on low res screens small icons look better as bitmaps, however because of the extra pixels kicking around QVGA+ screens you can pretty much go with vector for even the smallest icons.

I am also really enjoying the new browser and life blog. I'll post more about life blog soon as I think it really does add lots of value to mobile phone users.

The Video and camera are now good enough to take photos/videos that are worth keeping. I have found myself using the video a lot more than the actual camera. The camera is good for certain photos, landscapes and close ups, and anything where the subject isnt moving! But I find the video great for just ad hoc snapshots on daily life. The quality is good enough to view on a computer or on a phone, and FPS is not too bad either.

The whole OS itself is really a nice refreshing improvement on previous versions. For example applications like the image and video gallery have a nice carousel style UI which makes browsing through items quite good fun. However the gallery does get polluted by Flash files! This is actually a really bad flaw because you cant preview Flash files and a lot of applications use multiple files to construct one application. So take for example the superb World Cup Flash application by Alen. This is installed, with all supporting swf files into the Flash directory (56 files in total). So the gallery picks up all these files which completely kills the usability of the gallery app. I guess this is a combination of Flash not fitting too well into a content type as well as developers needing to be aware of this and putting the actual content assets somewhere hidden!

In all I think it will take months to get fully up to speed on the full feature set of Series 60 3rd edition.

Thoroughly enjoying it so far!

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Blogger mattypew said...

Mate, wat contract u gone with. been havin probs tryin to get the phone as they sayin it's got software probs and are not sellin it yet. Where u get it from????

8:20 AM  
Blogger Nick Gerig said...

You can get it anywhere in the UK except with 3 i think. I actually got it direct through a Nokia shop!

11:32 AM  

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