Thursday, October 19, 2006

Symbian Smartphone show round up

So the SPS has come to end. I was down there on both days for a few hours to checkout the general buzz. Its not a massive show, but a very focused one and its always good to check out the latest devices. I managed to get my hands on the Samsung SGH i520 which is running the s60 3rd edtion FP1 and includes Flash Lite 2.0, so I bluetoothed across a few FL2 swfs to checkout the performance - seems pretty good. There was also an LG phone powered by the new s60 platform, great to see Nokia's implementation of Flash Lite going beyond Nokia! What happened to the LG licensing deal and the rollout of Flash Lite phones I wonder?

There was quite a lot of promotion of the new s60 fp1 as you'd expect, including bits of documentation about Flash Lite 2.0 on the Forum Nokia stand. In all there was a definately a more visible presence for Flash Lite from the previous year. People actually know what you are referring to these days when you say Flash Lite, rather than it being interpreted as the camera flash light :)

It was also good to see a few other Flash people there too.

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