Friday, November 10, 2006

Flash Lite 2.1 for free

We'll this was probably the most asked for and argued over issue with Macromedia's Mobile policy. Finally the Adobe Flash Lite player will be available to developers without a price tag. That should bring the Flash Lite forum traffic down a bit :)

Further still - the 2.1 player will be available to END USERS for free if they already have Flash Lite on their phone. So that means you can point users with 3rd edition phones to the Adobe site to get the 2.1 player before they consume your content :)

This was an essential move I think because the mobile market place is hotting up (competition wise) and 1.1 just doesnt cut it. Waiting another 18 months for 2.1 to make it out there would have been very painful. Thank you Adobe.

Read the release here

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Blogger Abdul said...

This is indeed a great news. I am sure, now developers would not be confused or don't have to request for FlashLite player.

I would appriciate, if Adobe have some online application that lets any developer to download the player for their devices.

Giving the player free to end-users would surely increase the player penetration, specially in APAC region.


12:13 AM  
Blogger Nick Gerig said...

Hi Abdul

Yes its great for developers worldwide. Its great because its free but I think its also great because its 2.1 - something I forgot to rant about in my original post.

The key will be how it can be made accessible to s60 3rd edition consumers (not developers). Hopefully once the installer bugs are fixed it will be offered as a direct link rather than a need to register download for end users.



12:45 PM  

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