Friday, June 12, 2009

MicroFilm nominated in the Flash Lite Developer Challenge

Pleased to announce that MicroFilm has been nominated in the category of infotainment for the Flash Lite Developer Challenge

MicroFilm is something that Paul Wilson and myself have actually been working on for sometime. I think the idea was originally forged back in 2007 just after Flash Lite 3.0 was released. Since then we have been slowly modelling and building our take on a dream application for mobile. Imagine you have a nice phone, an unlimited data plan and you love movies - MicroFilm is for you!

Here's a video of the application in action. BTW. This is a real app, not a hacked together prototype, its fed via Adobe Media Server and a fully functional backend providing all the social networking stuff.

MicroFilm Video

Don't forget to vote too if you think MicroFilm is deserving!

Vote Here


Blogger [BlocketPC] Marcos said...

And the winner is.... Congratulations nick! the application looks really nice!

12:44 AM  

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