Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Nokia Flash Lite 3 Memory Bonanza!

As various other people have reported, the latest version of firmware for the N95 8Gb adds support for Flash Lite 3. Its great to see Flash Lite 3 getting out into the wild finally, and perhaps earlier than has been the case with other Flash Lite version changes.

So I have upgraded my N95 8Gb and have been playing around with the implementation of Flash Lite 3. There aren't many changes to the standalone player except for the available memory which has been increased massively!

In previous deployments of Flash Lite the total runtime memory available has ranged from 1024 to 2048 kb. The developer version of Flash Lite 3 released by Adobe for developers to test applications had a default memory allocation of 3296 kb. The in-built Flash Lite 2 player on the N95 has 2297 kb, so it was a nice suprise to see the Nokia implementation of Flash Lite 3 has a jaw dropping 16632 kb of runtime memory!!! Amazing! So now we can load and playback full length mp3 files, for example. Of course, I didn't trust the system reporting of available memory so I checked it quickly by loading and playing a 4mb mp3 file. It worked perfectly - remember this would normally use up 8mb of memory.

Not sure why there is such a difference - maybe its to do with the changes in the way memory is managed in the latest versions of Symbian 9.2?